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J-Cubed Custom Inc. is a Full Service Roofing Company providing installation services in both Sloped and Flat Roof Applications. We also provide our clients with any Wood Frame Construction Build. J-Cubed Custom Inc. has found that the Roof and Frame trades are heavily linked and work hand in hand with one another. When any new project is finished being framed, the next stage of construction is the Roof Application.

Having the knowledge of how a structure is built is quintessential in understanding how the waterproofing selection is going to perform. Costly unforeseen issues in the future can now be avoided such as condensation by understanding the building envelope and how it was designed to work. This applies not only to new construction but even more so to renovation projects.

What we here at J-Cubed Custom Inc. have found is that within many of our renovation projects building practices were approached differently 20 to 30 plus years ago. These practices have cost building and home owners significantly over the span of the structures life to date. Fortunately, we are able to combine our expertise and implement this 'different approach.' Thereby, owners do not have to incur any more unnecessary expenses.

Important issues are addressed with every roof application J-Cubed Custom Inc. installs. Our team works with each client hand in hand taking into consideration every aspect of the building process. In all cases, we enjoy working directly with the architects, builders, boards and homeowners.

  • 5 Million in liability fire insurance

  • Bonded - able to take pre payments of up to $50,000.00

  • Licenced

  • Workforce entirely covered through WCB

  • Member of the BBB since September 2007 carrying an A+ rating the entire duration of membership

For the past 13 years, John as President and Chief Operating Officer has served the Calgary community. His work can be found branching out into many different areas of Alberta as well as the British Columbia interior and coast. He is a loving family man who started out within the roofing industry at a very young age and worked his way to the top. John furthered his tradesman mentality and dedicated 5 years of post secondary education targeting the building construction industry. He has built a team of experts from journeymen roofers, journeymen carpenters, coppersmiths and sheet metal experts.

Phone: 403-836-0007


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